LANGDALE LAKES (Lincoln's Premier Holiday Destination)
 LANGDALE LAKES(Lincoln's Premier Holiday Destination)

We open most days for day fishing. Night fishing for experienced and known anglers only.

(weather permitting)


at least one day in advance

Arrival from 7.30am from 1st april to end October 8.00am to mid November

Please do not arrive before these times

(Over 18s only)

Fishing Prices &

Fishing Rules

Plenty of Space on Lily Lake Peg 5

Willow Lake

£10 per day for 2 rods.

Concessionary rates for those staying at Langdale £6.50 per day for the first peg and at our standard rate for all additional pegs.


Lily Lake

£12 per day for 2 rods.

Concessionary rates for those staying at Langdale £6.50 per day for the first peg and at our standard rate for all additional pegs.


Maximum 2 rods on most pegs, call for details. Additional rods depending on peg and how busy the lakes are. Additional rod by agreement £2


Night fishing (8.30am to 7.30am) £20 by arrangement, call for details. Extended stay to midday on day of leaving £5


Night fishing is open to those that have fished days and agreed with the owners that they can once approved fish nights.


Twilight by arrangement in the summer, 1st May to end of September 4pm to just before dark £5


A toilet for all anglers is provided, this is separate for the touring toilet/shower building. Should anglers be night fishing and wish to make use of the shower building an additional charge of £5 per day/night is payable.






  • Licences, line/rig set-up, and all equipment to be shown on arrival before fishing.
  • Discuss with us locations of day shelters and bivvies (day shelters only on touring pitch pegs)
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment (see below all items in red)
  • Show that you have arrived with all equipment dry!
  • Dip all equipment that may touch water in lakes or fish – Nets, slings, cradles, mats etc.


Consideration and respect of all other people must be exercised at all times, please help fellow anglers where possible and allow walkways for others around the lake and paths when fishing.

Bivvies MUST be located to enable people to walk easily around the lakes safely whilst you are fishing.


Before setting up Bivvies please ask regarding location, as moving them later is more difficult- only single person bivvies are allowed, unless prior agreed.


Those on pitches 1 – 4 Lily Lake must ensure they and any equipment is no closer than 3 metres from your neighbour’s caravan/motorhome.


Large padded Unhooking mats,

Preferably cradles must be used on both lakes for all fish (minimum size 650mm x 950mm x 50mm mats).

Barbless hooks only -

The use of the "magic twig" IS not permitted, this device is banned from use at Langdale.
Keep nets are not allowed.                  
Large Carp Friendly landing nets must be used when larger fish and Carp are caught.

You must have available at your peg a large minimum 30 inch carp net to fish either lake irrespective of the type/size of fish you are wishing to catch.  

Match fishing spoon net

Large nets to land large fish, small net to land small fish
All fish must be respected, handled with care and returned to the lake by gently lowering them into the water as soon as possible, throwing fish back no matter how large or small is not acceptable.                       

All landing nets, slings & unhooking mats etc must be dipped in the tanks provided before starting to fish - nets and mats must be dry when you arrive to fish, if they are not, unfortunately you will not be allowed to fish.
No use of Nuts as bait or groundbait is allowed

No Bread to be used on hook or floating.

Floating bait is not allowed

Random rig checks will be carried out - please do not be offended if asked, this may require you pulling your lines in.

Leaders/subline with safety break away methods must be used, fishing on mainline only is not permitted.

No surface fishing, 12 to 18 inches minimum between float and hook. 12 to 18 inches minimum between hook and water surface.

Safety release of lead weights in case of break off, no fixed lead rigs allowed.

Mainline to be stronger than subline/leader

No braided mainline or leaders longer than 1m.

No leadcore

Fish to be retained in a sling/landing net no longer than 10 minutes, to then enable checking, photograph and weighing, all fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible.

You must be in possession of a carp care kit to fish our lakes.

Bait boats may be used carefully in your swim

Keep all damaged or sick fish and report immediately                                
Goundbait may only be used on a feeder or method rig.

No loose groundbaiting is allowed

A maximum of 1Kg of bait per person per 24 hours to be used.
Loose feeding with pellets or particles must be kept to absolute minimum
Rods must not be left unattended at any time, lines to be taken in if you are more than 3 metres from your rods

All Carp weighing over 20Lb to be reported to the owners immediately.

Visitors to day/night anglers are not allowed – no exceptions.




We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover lost boats, rods, lines etc and ask you to take care at all times; where our attempted recovery is carried out a charge of £10 may be applied.


No persons other than the owners may use the boats.


Pegs and swims are to be left tidy, free from litter/rubbish, cigarette butts etc, all dropped bait is to be collected up and taken away. All anglers are asked to take all rubbish home with them, your area is to be kept tidy throughout the time you are fishing.


Leftover bait shall not be put in the lake or bins when you have finished fishing, we ask that you take this home and dispose of it with all other rubbish you may have.


No glass allowed around the lakes.


Radios must be kept at low volume levels                                   
No bonfires are allowed whatsoever  


All anglers fish at their own risk at Langdale Lakes. Cars/contents and equipment are left at their owners risk.


No vans/trucks are allowed, all cars are to be parked as directed on arrival

Please drive slowly (max 5mph) within the grounds of Langdale, for the safety and respect of everyone.


Use of bushes as a toilet is not acceptable at any time, anyone doing so will be asked to immediately leave site without refund.


We cannot guarantee that you will catch any of our wonderful fish, we do however hope you enjoy being at the quite, friendly environment of Langdale...... and hopefully also catch some fish.


The protection of the fish is important, any person not complying with the rules will be asked to leave



Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times & mess must be cleared away

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